Silver jewellery that inspires elegance to your day. 


Let it be an heirloom or a gift, our BIS marked sterling silver jewellery always transcends its material value and eventually becomes an emotional symbol that gives a new dimension to long cherished memories of life.


The Joyous Bride

We've carefully crafted a collection of handpicked jewellery exclusively for your special occasion. So that the moment you start a relationship is transformed to one that you cherish for the whole life time.

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Redefining Norms

The expertise of our craftsmen and their highly specialised knowledge of the jewellery maker's art, has enabled us to present you with a wide range of subtle elegance that enhance your persona by adding a touch of finesse to your existing wardrobe. Thus our casual wear collection lets you fit in to your job while staying a class apart from the mob. 


Strong & Solid

We at Samagra strive to achieve that fine balance between iconic style and great quality. That is the reason why you feel the sheer strength of solid metal every time you wear them and just can't help being mesmerized by their beauty the moment you take a look at them.